Several years in the making, our solutions started with careful recording of boxscore details one game at a time until we had tracked over a million individual professional hockey plays. From there, we embarked on developing one of the most sophisticated databases of its kind on players, teams, and games - one that allows us to get the very most analytical insight out of the data, produce better reporting systems, and respond immediately to specific information needs. Finally, we've deployed 20 years of analytics experience from various industries to take advantage of the database and produce truly valuable knowledge and tools that require virtually no effort for the typical hockey professional to use. The result is an unprecedented ability for teams to fully leverage science to improve team performance and better assess player value ...without relying upon any full-time statisticians. was developed by Eliot MacDonald, the principal consultant of Market Forté, a company that provides analytics systems to major organizations to select better locations, develop optimal market growth plans and improve overall market performance. Eliot's qualifications relevant to this service include the following::